Monday, June 1, 2015

P day in Prague

Hello Everyone!

So, funny story about today. This morning Sestra Hamblin and I had to go to Prague for a doctor's appointment because her ankle has been hurting her a lot. And... long story short, we're stuck here indefinitely. We had a bus back, but because of X rays and just how long the doctor took, we missed it, and now I'm emailing all of you from the church building in Prague. This also means that my journal, which I use to write my weekly emails, is back in Liberec, so I'll try to wing it and remember what happened.

Last Monday, we didn't even going on any vylets, so you're not missing anything there haha. We just ran errands, had a couple of lessons, and did other P day things.

Tuesday we went to Zelezný Brod to visit a member. That was a really fun trip. It's over an hour away, so it was really cool for her to have us come, since she doesn't have people travel that far just to see her very often. It's also awesome that she's a completely active member. We see her and her husband every week, and it means so much more to us now knowing how far they have to come. It is BEAUTIFUL where they live too! So green and just a bunch of little cottages. She also made this really yummy strawberry cake thing, and you guessed it, Sestra Hamblin and I ate the whole thing ;). 
Fun story about our trip to Zelezný Brod: First of all, we almost missed our bus out there we ran all the way from the mall to the main bus station, which is a lot farther than it looks. And actually we did end up missing our bus, but we found another one that left like 2 minutes later going to the same place. Second of all, we didn't really know what we were doing, like at all. So we were talking to people and found this one guy who helped us A TON! He told us which bus to get on at first, and explained where it was going and what we would have to do. Then he like disappeared for a while, we thought he just left. Then we get to the place where we have to change buses, and we have no idea where the next bus we have to get on is, and this guy just shows up again and tells us which one to get on! And then, he disappears again! It was so crazy! He was like our guardian angel because we seriously would not have made it without his help! And it was probably a blessing that we missed our first bus, because we wouldn't have found him in the first place. Little miracles for dayz. 

On Wednesday, our district did a singing display. Yup, all four of us. So one person would go out and contact while the other three would sing. I went out by myself for a while and I actually think I did okay. I gave out a Book of Mormon and actually taught a few lessons. I don't know what any of the people said when they responded, but I just kept on teaching haha!

Thursday we had TRAINING! I love training, it's so fun to meet all together and to see everyone, and we always learn so much and have so much more energy about missionary work afterwards! And this time Elder Kearon came and talked to us. He was so cool! He just talked about doing our best and always choosing to be happy. It was really awesome and Sestra Hamblin and I are really excited to use the things we learned this week and we really are hoping to meet standards again!

Saturday we went and did service at the Jedličkoví. The mom is like a manager of the apartment building they live in, so we helped her move out a ton of junk from the basement storage place. Like a TON of junk! It was a lot of work but pretty fun too. Then we did some studying and some English contacting. English contacting was super fun, we normally just go around telling people that we teach free English and try to get them to come, but this time the elders had ordered a GIANT SIGN, so Sestra Hamblin and I went around with the sign telling people about English, and then the elders followed us getting people's contact information. It was super fun and worked really well! We got a lot of numbers and now we just have to see who shows up on Wednesday

Well, that was pretty much my week here in Liberec (and Prague). Hope you enjoyed it! They announced in sacrament meeting yesterday that Elder Perry passed away, that's so sad he was one of my favorites, but I'm happy for him, he's in a good place :). 

I hope everyone is doing well. School's out! So I bet that's fun :). This gospel is true, Christ is our Savior and Redeemer, and this is His work. There are a lot of crazy things going on right now in the Czech Republic. We're really close to becoming a stake, but Satan definitely knows what's going on and he's trying so hard to destroy it. I can't say everything, but there is some definite (and pretty crazy) opposition going on here, all we can do is pray and work hard! Thank you all for you're love and support, it means lots!

I love you all, talk to you next week!

S laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer

P.S. I'm sending pictures. Not a whole lot happened this week, but I did take some pictures of our church building, so enjoy those :). 
1. Our chapel, it's so pretty with chandelier and big windows!
2. The bright pink Relief Society Room, I don't know why it's pink, but it is.
3. I have this new hobby of taking candid shots of Sestra Hamblin, this one is a favorite ;).

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