Monday, June 22, 2015

Transfer Calls!!

Hey there everyone!!

So this past week was the last week of the transfer!! It was really great, we worked really hard and got a lot done, we also had a combined district conference with the whole Czech Republic and Elder Patrick Kearon of the Seventy was there and spoke to us and it was so good! Well, I know you are all dying to know if I got transfered, and if I did where, so I'll cut to the chase.... I'M GOING TO BRNO!! Well actually, I'm already here, I got here about an hour and a half ago, after riding on a bus for a little under 4 hours. 

I also wanted to explain something that I maybe and quite possibly forgot to say earlier, and that's that here in the Czech/Slovak Mission, we have 9 week transfers. So I've just completed my second transfer of my mission, and this next one ends like the last week of August or something. A few people asked me why I hadn't mentioned transfers before, and that's because, well, they hadn't happened yet! 

But now I'm in Brno, and my companion is Sestra Holland. It's actually really cool because Elder Brittner, my district leader in Liberec, is also now in Brno as a zone leader. So we traveled here together and we'll get to serve together for at least another transfer, maybe more! And I'm really excited because Elder Brittner is an amazing missionary! This transfer is going to be so great!!

Alright, enough of that. What happened last week? 

On Monday we had our last P day together in Liberec, so us and the elders went to Frýdlant to see a really cool castle. Frýdlant is about 30 minutes from Liberec by train, so we went, spent about an hour or so looking around, and came back. We couldn't go inside because it was closed on Mondays, but we had a lot of fun walking around the outside taking pictures. :)

On Wednesday after we taught English, the elders brought us a new kind of cheese to try (as has become somewhat of a tradition in our district. The elders buy all these different kinds of cheeses, and then they share it with us) and it was DISGUSTING!! I don't remember what kind of cheese it was, all I remember is that it smelled disgusting, and it tasted disgusting, but the kids that had come to English ate it like it was candy! I don't understand...

On Thursday we went to Jičín for interviews with President McConkie. I didn't get interviewed because since I'm a greenie I already had one, but the rest of my district was interviewed. Not a lot else happened, we just went to Jičín, had some kebabs (doners, not american kebabs), got interviewed and came back. Unfortunately it took most of our day since it was about an hour away and each interview was about 30 minutes, but it was a good little adventure. :)
Once we got back from Jičín, we went to the Jedličkoví and had Sestra Jedličková's world famous strawberry knedliky. I think I've already written about them, basically they are AMAZING! And since it was the last week of the transfer us and the elders and the Jedličkoví all got together to make and eat them, it was a lot of fun!

On Friday we had a pretty normal day, but then Sestra Hamblin found a bug in her food in the fridge, so we had to go out to eat dinner. So we went to the Radnice (we have a habit of walking in without a reservation on Friday nights...) and the workers looked at us like we were crazy for coming without a reservation, but then the manager sees us, walks over, and is like "Come, I have a place for you" and takes us to a table and takes our order. He's basically the real MVP, perqs of being a regular! I also had halušky for the first time that night, so good!

Saturday we went to Prague because I had a doctors appointment (don't freak out parents I'm fine!) and then we had the combined district conference. We got on the tram to go to the doctors, and it just stops half way there and tells us to get off, so long story short, we missed the appointment. So instead we got some lunch and waited for conference to start. 
Conference was so good!! And it was amazing to see so many members from all over the country! I talked to so many people and the talks were so good, it was so much fun!! I also met two of the people that I skyped while I was in the MTC, and they are both from Brno and now I'm in Brno! Miracles are real everyone! Also I understood a lot more of conference than I though I would, so that's another miracle! 
Then after we got back to Liberec we waited for transfer calls. I'm going to Brno and Ses. H is staying in Liberec, but guess who is replacing me in Liberec? SES. BAILEY!!! Isn't that nuts?? So when I moved out this morning I left notes all over the appartment for her to find. I'm so happy for her!!

Sunday was more conference, can I just say how good it was one more time? SO GOOD!! And there were a lot more people at the Sunday session than Saturday. On Saturday is was just at the Prague building, but on Sunday it was in a big conference center, so that was really cool! After we got back from conference we just contacted some more, then I packed up all my stuff, and now I'm here! 

The week was pretty crazy, but we found a lot of good people and I think Liberec is going to do really well this transfer. And I'm super excited about being in Brno! I don't really know a whole lot about the area here yet, but I'll let you know when I find out!! 

The work is moving forward here in the Czech Republic! Sometimes it seems slow, sometimes it seems like it's flying by, but it's definitely moving forward! And we're getting closer and closer to forming a stake! We're so excited! The gospel is true everyone, and I can't wait to share it with the people here in Brno! 

Have a great week everyone! Talk to you later!!

S laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer
 Pictures!! Our trip to Zámek Frýdlant!

 More Frydlant!


And our brief trip to Jičín, strawberry knedliky, and my last pic of Liberec!



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