Monday, August 31, 2015

Transfer 3

Ahoj Everyone!

So this week was transfer! I'm staying here in Brno and Monday night Ses. Andreason came to join me here! We are so excited for this transfer! It's going to be a good one!

Monday night we had FHE, and while I was in the kitchen at the church popping popcorn I heard a very familiar voice, so I ran out into the foyer and it was Zuzka! From Liberec! She was visiting with a group of friends and I was SOOO glad to see her! I love her so much!

Tuesday we got up and did service at a charity. We had to haul huge garbage bags of clothes from a storage room inside, to a giant truck outside. We did it over and over. It felt like we were working like ants. But we were able to empty the entire room in only about an hour and fifteen minutes. We had planned on being there for 2 hours. 
Then we went to lunch with the Baty's so that they could meet the new missionaries. That was really fun. I love the Baty's! You're all probably tired of hearing me say that by now haha. 

Wednesday we had our first district meeting of the transfer. Elder Brittner is district leader now and I think it's really cool. He's a good leader, and he was my district leader in Liberec, so it's cool for him to be it again. We've been serving together forever! Haha. This is his last transfer and by the time he goes home we will have served together for 6 months. I guess I really need to learn something from him!
Then Wednesday night we went over to Miroslav's for his scripture study discussion thing he does every week. He made us one of my favorite desert things, and he got to know the new missionaries. It was really good. He gives really good discussion, I think he would make a good primary or institute teacher. 

Thursday we were able to visit Roman, a less active in the branch. He works all the time and he works 9am-9pm, so most of the time we visit him at work. Which is fine, it's better than nothing at all. He's made a lot of progress since we first started meeting with him, I think he could be reactivated this transfer, or at least soon after that. After our meeting at his work on Thursday, we were getting ready to leave and he said, "So when are we going to meet next?" We talked about a few possibilities, and he said, "And let's meet at the building, that's better, we can pray for real there." Cuz at his work, we can pray, but there are cameras so we have to make it look like we're just talking. It was really cool that HE set up with US and he wants to do it somewhere where we can pray. He's doing really well. 
For game night on Thursday we played volleyball, and Ex-Elder Wayment and his parents came because they are visiting the Czech Republic. I think Elder Wayment went home like 4 months ago or something like that. So he played Volleyball with us, and Miroslav was there, and a few members too. It was really fun. 

Friday we had two really awesome lessons. One with Radek, who we've been teaching and inviting to church for only a couple of weeks. And one with Amir, our friend from Egypt. I think Radek could get baptized this transfer. He's doing really well. He's really, really sceptical, and he doesn't want to own a Book of Mormon, I'm still confused as to why. But is really intellegent and curious and he likes our lessons. I really think he could happen soon. 
Amir is more just curious about what we believe, and not so much interested in getting baptized or anything, but he's a strong believer in finding out for yourself what you believe, regardless of your culture or family beliefs. I think he could happen too. We had some awesome lessons this week. 

Saturday we had a singing display with the Baty's. And I met the nicest Jehovah's Witness I have ever talked to. She was super nice, and talked to me for a while. She was really open to what we believe and respected what I had to say. It was really cool. She didn't want to meet with us but I gave her our card and she said she'd at least look at the website. I hope she does, she was so nice!
Then we tried to go less active finding. Turns out there are like a million less actives here in Brno. The branch is pretty big here, as far as active members go it's probably the biggest in the whole mission, maybe second biggest. But what we just found out, is that only about 20-30% of the branch is active. Crazy! So we have a lot of less active work to get going on!

Sunday was really good. The new missionaries shared their testimonies in sacrament meeting, so everyone knows who they are. After church we had two separate lessons with Radek, he came to church and then asked us if we could talk after. He is doing so well! I'm so excited to see what can happen with him, I think he could be so good!
Then we went to visit the Baty's because Sis. Baty dislocated her shoulder yesterday. They weren't at church and we wanted to make sure everything was okay, so we went over there and had dinner with them and the elders. I think it really cheered them up. They had spent 7 hours in the emergency room the night before and were not feeling great when we got there. But we visited and made them dinner and they were much happier when we left. I just love them! haha

Anway that's pretty much everything. It wasn't a super excited week, but it was good. It was a good start to our transfer and I'm excited to see what we can do here in Brno in the next 8 weeks. 

This gospel is so true and so amazing. I have seen so many miracles on my mission, in Brno, and even in just the last week. I love this church and this gospel, it's so service based and I think it's amazing that we're like one big family. 

I love you all and I hope you have an awesome week this week!

S laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer

I don't really have any pictures from this week, so here's a pictures of us trying to get the volleyball out of the tree. :)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Double Baptism!!

Howdy everybody!
That's right! This week we had a DOUBLE BAPTISM here in Brno! Miroslav got baptized!! Along with one of the elders' investigators named Zbyněk! It was soooo cool, so awesome!
This past week was just crazy! It was the last week of the transfer, and we were running around like crazy teaching people and getting ready for the baptism.
Monday we had to go to Prague for my visa work, I think I wrote about that last week, that's why I emailed on Tuesday instead cuz we didn't make it back to Brno in time to email.
Tuesday was just jam packed with lessons. Wednesday was like that too. On Wednesday we had an appointment with a member named Gad Vojkufka (I don't know how to spell his last name) and he is one of the oldest members in the Czech Republic. He was a member through wars, through communism, and we met so he could just tell us his story. It was really cool, I didn't understand all of it, but what I did understand was amazing.
Fun fact: The church survived here in the Czech Republic because of yoga. That's right, yoga. When religion was banned, I don't know all the details, but members would do yoga together and talk about the gospel. And that's how they kept church going. Crazy right? Anyway our appointment with Gad was really cool, even though it was only supposed to be an hour and it ended up being two and a half.
Thursday we had training! I love training. You get to like recharge your spiritual batteries at training and then go out and hit the streets! Except instead of hitting the streets we had to set up for a baptism. But all the same it was still awesome.
Friday was the baptism!! Ses. Holland and I went over to the church really early to start filling up the font, but before we could do that we had to sweep and clean it out, there were lots of spiders and things, it was kind of gross but we got it all clean and pretty. :) Then we set up chairs and things and had the baptism! And Miroslav came in a suit! Which was a pleasant surprise. Everything went really smoothly, it was a pleasant little "service" and Miroslav bore an awesome testimony after he was baptized. He's going to be a great member!
Saturday we got to go to Ivo and Veronika's wedding! Ivo and Veronika are (were) two of the YSA here in Brno and yesterday they tied the knot! They've been engaged for over a year so it was a long time coming. It was really cool that we could go.
Then Sunday was Ses. Holland's and Elder Galbraith's last day in Brno, so a lot of people came to say goodbye and everything. It was really cool to see how many people were there. It was a good meeting. Then that evening we went to the Baty's for a last dinner together.
This morning I kicked Ses. Holland out around 9am, and my new companion, Ses. Andreason, won't get to Brno until around 4:30pm. And Elder Galbraith left at 9am too, and Elder Brittner's new companion doesn't come until 5pm. So right now we're at the Archives so the Baty's can babysit us. Haha It's fun though, I love the Baty's!
Anyway it's been a crazy week, and a crazy transfer. I'm sad to see it end but I've still got one more transfer here in Brno and it's going to be awesome!
The gospel is true! It was amazing to be a part of a baptism, confirmation, and a wedding this week. The gospel really does bless us as individuals, and as families. I hope you all are well and have a great week!
Talk to you later!
S laskou,
Sestra Schaerrer 
 Pictures! Us just before the baptism, me and the Baty's at the wedding, our district, and Ivo and Veronika. 

  Us filling up the font (Elder Brittner killing a GIANT spider in the back), me and Miroslav being sassy, and Ses. Holland and I after a huge chocolate sale at Billa. ;)


Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It's Raining, It's Pouring...


Sorry Everyone for not emailing yesterday, we had to go to Prague for Visa work, and with the train times and everything we didn't have time to email. So I'm emailing on this lovely, very wet Tuesday. It's rained so much, but we need it, and now it won't be so hot. :)

Fun Fact: I've been on my mission exactly 6 months today! Isn't that crazy? I'm not quite a third of the way yet because my mission is actually 19 months long. So I've still got a ways to go ;)

Let's see, what happened this week? A lot of things actually. Monday was P day, and our district went up to špilberk, a cool castle right in the middle of Brno. It's up at the top of this really steep hill, and you can see it from almost anywhere. So we went there and we got to take a tour of the dungeons/prison/torture chambers. It was so cool! I'll send some pictures. Then afterwards we all went and lunch at the "famous" Indian food restaurant, according to Ses. Holland. It was pretty good. Then we did just regular P day stuff, and then went to FHE where we played our new favorite card game. It's called "6 bere" and the main goal is to not get cows, but it's kind of hard to explain so I'm going to leave it at that haha.

Tuesday we got to work in the archives with the Baty's again! I love working in the archives, and I love the Baty's! It was so fun! Then later on Tuesday it was kind of a miracle. We were going to get ready to teach English, and on the way to the building we ran into two investigators and a less active! We got to talk to all three of them and check up on them. It was really cool that we were able to do that. 

Wednesday actually ended up being a mess. We were supposed to have district meeting, but Elder Galbraith, our district leader, got really, really sick. So we canceled that and then rearranged our day, but everything ended up falling through or not working out or something. It was super annoying and stressful. But at the end of the day we went to Miroslav's apartment with a member, Bratr Holý, and Miroslav asked Bratr Holý to baptize him, so that was really cool for us and for Bratr Holý. 

Thursday was Ses. Holland's year mark! She entered the MTC exactly one year ago Thursday. We wanted to do something to celebrate but we really didn't have time. We also had a meeting with David, one of our investigators. And it was actually a drop lesson. We loved meeting with him and discussing with him most of the time, but he just wasn't asking God if any of it is true. He would read the BofM, pray, go to church, keep the word of wisdom, but he just couldn't ask God if any of it was true because he "already knows it's not true." After we told him we can't meet anymore, we asked him what he thinks about the Book of Mormon and he said, "I think Joseph Smith wrote it and that it isn't true." So that was pretty sad. We're confident that one day he'll get it, and when he does he'll be a super strong member. Now just isn't the time. Bonus: I got a picture with David before we parted ways. And he said he'd come to church on the 23rd to see where we're going for transfers. :)

Friday was CULTURE NIGHT!! I love culture night! One day each transfer we can have a night to go do something cultural, and this weekend was Den Brna, which means "day of Brno" and we went to JARMARK! I got to go to Jarmark in Liberec too so I was super pumped to go again! It was so fun! And I can already see my mom's face when I say this, but I bought a sword!! Haha it's more like a dagger, but it's so cool! I have a sword! Ses. Holland and Elder Galbraith also bought some, so we're like a gang now. :)

The second part of culture night we actually had to do on Saturday during our lunch hour because tickets sold out for Friday night. We got to go into the tunnels under one of the Naměstí's (town square) in the center. They call it the Labyrinth and we got to go on a tour down there and they had found all sorts of crazy stuff like torture devices and alchemy things. So that was super fun too!
Also on Saturday we did a singing display in the morning and I saw Zdeněk! The super cool member in Liberec that took us to the 3 corners, and to help at that church, and all sorts of other fun things! He was here in Brno! And actually, Ses. Holland contacted him during the singing display, cuz she just thought he was another guy on the street. Elder Brittner and I were able to talk to him for a while, ask him how Liberec is doing and stuff. And he came to church the next day, and Elder Brittner and I got a picture with him. :)

Well I think that's about everything. It was a pretty crazy week, and this week is going to be crazy too! Miroslav and Zbyněk (the elders' investigator) are getting baptized on Friday!!! SO EXCITED! But we have so much to do! It's going to be crazy but so worth it! And then we're getting transfer calls on Saturday, so we'll see if I stay here in Brno or if I'll get shipped off to somewhere else. I really hope I stay though, I love it here :)

The gospel is true! These weeks have been pretty crazy, and amidst the madness we have see so many miracles! The Lord really is behind this work, and we couldn't do it without him.

Thanks for all your love, support, and prayers. I hope you're all doing well and I'll talk to you next week!

S láskou,

Sestra Schaerrer
Pictures: Jarmark!


That was David in that last one. These are from the Labyrinth :)

The špilberk tunnels, and Zdeněk!

Monday, August 10, 2015

T minus 12 Minutes!

Hello Everyone!

This week I was kind of a procrastinator and got really distracted and now I only have 12 minutes to write my group email, so here it goes!

Monday we tried to go to a museum for P day, but turns out almost everything here in Brno is closed on Mondays. So we just ended up playing card games with the elders at the church building. But I'm not complaining, it was actually super fun.

Tuesday we got to go work in the archives! The Baty's trained us to do what they do and we got to help them for about two hours. It was so fun! I would love to do that for a mission with my spouse when I'm older! And the Baty's are just awesome! And they're from Lindon! I don't know if I've already said this but I definitely plan on visiting them within the first 3 days of when I get home, they are awesome! And the archives are sooooo cool!

Wednesday we went to the řeyačoví for dinner/FHE. They are so cool, they are a member family and they are just so strong in the gospel! It was like being at home for a family home evening. Good food, singing, a spiritual thought. It was so fun!

Thursday Ses. Holland and I kind of invited ourselves over to the elders' investigator's for some knedliky. We really were craving knedliky and we heard that David, their investigator, is a really good cook. So basically we invited ourselves over but it was super good. And we had an awesome spiritual discussion while we were eating. 

Friday we had exchanges with the sisters in Slovakia, because they are our Sister Training Leaders. So Ses. Holland left in the morning to work in Slovakia all day, and I stayed with one of the sisters to work in Brno. And then we left in the evening so all of us stayed the night in Slovakia! I got to go to Slovakia! That's really rare for a missionary in the Czech Republic to even get to go to Slovakia, and even rarer for sisters to go, and I got to go there and spend the night! Overall the exchange was super good. We learned a lot, and got to go to Slovakia haha!

Saturday we got back from Slovakia, did a singing display with the elders, and then went and did service at the church. We had to dig out these really big weed things, and it was pretty hard and really hot. Miroslav was there and he helped us. It was pretty fun and now it looks way better. 

Sunday we had a surprise! Ex-Elder Payne came to visit at church! Which was cool for me because he went home from his mission the week I left for the MTC, and I taught him my first week of TRC, AND he's from Lindon! So I got to ask him how Lindon's doing and stuff, it was pretty fun. After church we had a lesson with Olga, she's is just one of the most amazing members ever! I love her so much!

Well, I tried to do it fast, I hope I got everything. This week has been crazy and HOT but the work keeps moving forward and we keep seeing miracles. I love you all and this gospel is true!!

Til next week!

S laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer
 Pics from the Archives, with Sis. Baty!


 Pictures from our exchange. The one with the head was while we were waiting for our connection. :)


 Service at the church. :)


Monday, August 3, 2015


3 August 2015

I can't believe it's already August everyone! This transfer, and just the summer in general, has flown by! Soon people will be starting school and life will go back to normal. It's crazy how both fast and slow time goes on a mission. 

Anyway, life is good. It's been a crazy, hot week, but so has every other week been this transfer. Last Monday we didn't really do anything too spectacular. We just ran a lot of errands and I got my hair cut. :) It doesn't look much different, just a little bit shorter (well 4 or 5 inches shorter). 

This week we've been teaching this really cool guy named Luděk. He's about 30 and works at Okay Market, a little grocery store down the street from us. He is so cool! He's really open to our discussions on religion, and he has some pretty legit opinions. The other cool thing is that we teach him while he is working. He isn't married, but he's living with someone and they have a little boy and another kid on the way, and he works so hard for his family. So he doesn't really ever have time to meet outside of work. So we teach him while he works, and every once in a while we have to pause while he helps a customer, but it works way better than I thought it would. We gave him a Book of Mormon and he's been reading. He just has so much potential, we're really excited to keep teaching him. :)

On Wednesday, Miroslav invited us over for a scripture study at his house. He planned a lesson with scriptures and questions, and we came and brought a few members with us. It was really good! He planned really well and we had really good discussion. He is so ready to get baptised! After his lesson, we asked Vilém, one of the members there with us, to give Miroslav a blessing to help him as he prepares for baptism. The blessing was so inspired, and Miroslav said he felt really really good afterwards. We are so excited for him to get baptized, he is so awesome! Less than three more weeks!!

Thursday we had game night, and Miroslav brought his Badminton kit! It was SO FUN! I don't think I've ever seriously played badminton before and it was the bomb! At first Ses. Holland and I played together against Miroslav, and then the elders came and Elder Brittner and I were on a team against Ses. Holland and Miroslav, and then later Ses. Holland and Elder Galbraith. Elder Brittner and I rocked it! Haha it was so much fun and Miroslav had a great laugh watching us! 

Friday, Miroslav was supposed to leave for the weekend to Ostrava, but we asked to meet with him before he left and he stayed in Brno an extra hour just to meet with us! We talked about fasting since it was fast sunday and then we asked him about his baptism. We asked him who he wanted to baptized him, and he said, "Je mi jedno, někoho kdo má tu pravomoc!" Which is essentially, "It doesn't matter, just someone who has the right authority!" That was a really cool moment for Ses. Holland and I. He really understands what being baptized means, and he's so ready!

Then Sunday was fast sunday, and for dinner us and the elders went over to the Batys' apartment for Sweedish meatballs! The Baty's are so awesome! We are so lucky to get to work with them. And the best part? They're from Lindon, Utah! I'm definitely going to their house when I get home!! They are awesome!!!!

The work is still going forward everyone! It's hard and it's hot but it's moving forward and we're seeing miracles!!

Thanks for your love, prayers, and support, they mean a lot to me. I hope you all have an awesome week and talk to you later!

S laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer

PS Pictures of course :)
The crew at sports night ;)