Monday, July 13, 2015

Miracles, Squash, and a Mild Case of Food Poisoning

Howdy Everyone!

It's been another HOT week here in Brno, it actually rained a little bit, and that cooled things down, but then it was even more humid! But I guess there has to be opposition in all things...

On Monday we went and played Squash with a man named Alan Wood. He's really cool, I think I might have written about him before, he isn't really interested in the church, but he loves missionaries, so we keep contact with him. So he invited us to play squash, and it was the first time I had ever played and I really liked it. It's hard, but I think I kind of got the hang of it. And at the end, since it was my first time ever, Al let me keep the squash ball as a souvenir! 

Tuesday we had lunch with the Baty's (the senior couple who work in the archives) and with a less active named Diego. Diego is from Italy and doesn't speak any Czech, which is kind of why he is less active, it's hard for him to really participate in the branch when he doesn't speak Czech. After lunch we went down into the archives with Elder Baty and it was SO COOL! I knew that they worked with family history stuff, but I didn't really know what they do. They take pictures of census records so that they can be indexed, Elder Baty showed us how they do it, and then bore his testimony about how important the work is, and how they receive a lot of help from the other side of the veil. It was really awesome!

On Wednesday morning, we got up, and then met one of our investigators, Miroslav, on a tram because he's a TRAM DRIVER! So we got on the tram he was driving, and he showed us how to do it. Then later that same day we went over to his house because he wanted to bake something for us. He made us lots of things. He made us sorbet, a cinnamon roll thing, and some juices. Unfortunately, sorbet has raw egg white in it, and he made the juices in the same machine he made sorbet in, and with that unfortunate combination Sestra Holland and I got pretty sick the next day. But on the bright side, the cinnamon roll thing was super good, and he picked his own baptism date!! 

Thursday, Sestra Holland and I were sick all morning, but we were feeling better by lunch time so we still did everything we had on plan. It was hard, but we did it. Thursday was also my 1/4 mark, isn't that so crazy? I'm 1/4 of the way done with my mission! It seems like so much, and so little all at the same time.

Friday was Elder Brittner's birthday! I got him a pistachio chocolate bar, he loves pistachios, but it melted since it was so hot. I basically gave him a bag of pistachio flavored hot chocolate, I don't really know how it turned out. 

Saturday was kind of crazy. We had lessons fall through and reschedule and stuff all over the place! We had a lesson planned with a member, but the investigator didn't show up. So we went and got ice cream with the member, and while we were walking we ran into an investigator who we had a lesson with later in the day. So we asked him if we could do the lesson then if he wasn't busy and he said yes. So we sat on a bench and started the lesson. In the middle of the lesson, the member with us was bearing his testimony and sharing his experience with baptism, when the investigator just bursts out "I gotta go!" and straight up runs away from our lesson! We still don't know what happened but we're not planning on seeing him again...

On Sunday we had church. It was mine and Elder Galbraith's turn to translate in sacrament meeting, so we were sitting together at the back. Then Elder Galbraith gets asked to pass the sacrament. So I translated the whole first half of the meeting. Then Elder Galbraith was going to translate Ses. Holá's talk, but I knew the story she was talking about and he didn't recognize it, so I translated the story she was sharing and then gave the mic to Elder Galbraith for the rest of the talk. Then Elder Galbraith was supposed to translate the next talk, but the guy was talking really really fast and he just sat there for a second, not saying anything, and then just says "I can't do it" and gives the mic to me! ME! Elder Galbraith has been here for like a year and a half and I've been in the Czech Republic for TWO MONTHS! He thinks I can translate this guy? Anyway I did my best, and after the talk was over Elder Galbraith told me, "I don't know how you just did that." I was pretty proud of myself, but THE GIFT OF TONGUES IS REAL!!!!!

Then Sunday night, we were coming back from meeting with a less active, and we really really wanted to find just one new investigator. We were on the tram home when I told Sestra Holland, "We should get off here, take a different tram, and then walk through the park to get home." I just thought it was a good idea. So we do, and on the way I told her, "there's a new investigator waiting for us in the park." We got to the park and talked to a few different people, and they all blew us off, and then we were walking when we hear "Ahoj!" We look over and there's a guy on a bench, and we had talked to him before on the street, but he also had kind of blew us off. We walked over to him and he asked if we wanted to sit down. So we sat down and talked for a while about a lot of different things, not necessarily gospel related, when we see two members of the branch walking through the park! So we yelled hi to them and they came over, and they started talking to Honza (the guy on the bench) and they started talking about the gospel! Basically we had a really impromptu member lesson! Then, for him to count as a new investigator, we had to teach a lesson (done) and then set up for a specific time to meet again. So we asked him if we could meet again and he said "I don't know, I don't want to promise anything..." and we asked if we could exchange numbers, he said okay, and then he said, "How about Thursday at 5?" MIRACLES HAPPEN PEOPLE! It was soooo crazy!

Sorry for the long email everyone, so much is happening in Brno, this isn't even half of it! I know this gospel is true and our work here in the Czech Republic definitely isn't in vain! We've been seeing so many miracles, we just have to keep working hard!

I hope you all have an awesome week and I'll talk to you later!

S laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer

PS I'll send some pictures :)
My first squash ball, learning how to drive a tram, eating a cinnamon roll thing and raw eggs, and some yogurts I found at the store. :)

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