Monday, January 11, 2016

A Trial of Faith

Hello Everyone!

I don't have a ton of time to write because the library we're in is super full and we have to leave soon, but I do have a story for the week, unfortunately it's not super happy either. 

So this week Jirka is supposed to get baptized, but he's not going to make it. Jirka didn't show up to church yesterday, so we called him. At first I called him after sacrament meeting and he red buttoned me twice. Then I called him after church and he told us he couldn't get baptized cuz he had talked to a priest and the priest told him that it didn't make sense to get baptized twice. Then he said "I only have two things against your church: you want me to get baptized, and you don't like that I drink coffee." It was really sad because in our last lesson all we did was talk about the blessings of baptism. We listed them all on the white board and he got so excited and it was a great lesson. And then this. He pretty much dropped us over the phone, but I got him to set up with us for Tuesday, so we can at least talk in person and see what we can do. It's sad, but we have faith that something will work out. 

As of other news, I'll send some cool pictures of random stuff we did this week. 

#1: We roasted little marshmallow like candies (Vexta) on pretzels sticks over a candle (so good!).

#2: Just a funny picture of Ses. Hale and I while baking.

#3: A beautiful view we saw walking to the train this morning. 

#4: The Frydek-Mistek train station. 

Enjoy the pictures! The gospel is true, even though sometimes people use their agency to choose otherwise. But I know that God cares for each and every single one of us, and will help us and provide a way for us all to return to Him. Have a great week everyone!

s laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer

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