Thursday, March 19, 2015

They Re-czech-ed the X-rays...

Dobrý Dén Každy! (Good day Everyone!)

Well, first things first. The doctor was wrong about my foot. I don't actually have three cezmoids. I have two cezmoids, like a normal person, one of them just happens to be broken in half. So there ya go. I saw the podiatrist yesterday here at the MTC, and he told me that I had snapped one of my cezmoids in half, and that it's actually really easy to do and not an uncommon injury. He told me that there are a few different options as to helping it heal. The first one is to wear a boot and hope that everything heals on it's own. The second option is to make some custom orthotics that will hold the bones in the right places so that they can heal easier. And the third option is to perform surgery to take out one of the bone fragments. 
So since we don't really know when I broke it for sure, we went straight to the custom orthotics option. Yesterday afternoon, we went over to the podiatrist's office (just across the street from my uncle's dentistry, that was kind of weird) and he took casts of both my feet to send in and get the custom othotics made. We're going to try the orthotics for a few weeks to see if they help, but if they don't then the only other option is surgery. If we do surgery, it could delay my departure, and I would have to stay in the MTC longer. The pain is bearable, just annoying, so I think that I would rather just live with the pain my whole mission (the injury wouldn't get any worse) and do surgery when I get back, than cause a departure delay. I want to get out of the MTC and into the field ASAP! But we'll see if the orthotics help and who knows? Maybe we won't have to do surgery at all. 
I hope this all made sense, my english skills are deteriorating fast.

Anyway, yesterday was my one-month mark!! And tomorrow is the half way point for my whole MTC stay. It's kind of rough because soon the Slovenes, Bulgarians, and Croatians leave in about two weeks. They've been with us this whole time so it's going to be really hard to see them go. It's also just crazy that we've been here a month! That's such a long time, but it doesn't feel like it's been that long. One month of my mission down, 18 more to go! We also found out that the reason that our missions (the Czech/Slovak missions) are 19/25 months is because our mission has 9 week transfers, instead of 6 week transfers.

Last Friday was Elder Oviatt's birthday, so we had a birthday party! It wasn't big, we don't have a lot of free time here at the MTC, but we had a pirate theme (since Hello in Czech is Ahoy) and Elder Lanham's mom mailed us a birthday cake! It was super fun and it was nice to make him feel special. Elder Oviatt is from Canada, so he doesn't get a lot of mail or anything, but he did for his birthday and it was nice to see him super happy!

On Tuesday we had a really great devotional! Don R. Clarke of the Seventy came and spoke to us and he gave us a list of 10 Things Every Missionary Should Know:

1. The Truth of Love - the day you'll be happy (on your mission) is the day you care more about the people than yourself.
2. The Book of Mormon Converts - there should never a day go by in your mission that you do not read from the Book of Mormon.
3. The Principle of Joseph Smith - know that it really happened.
4. Obedience - The First Law of Heaven - why wouldn't you want to be the most obedient missionary on earth?
5. Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ - faith divided the Red Sea, it can solve your problems!
6. The Power of the Holy Ghost - your mission will be full of Red Seas, will you divide them, or will they divide you?
7. Family - The Most Important Organization in Time and Eternity - your mission will change your family's lives, but only if you include them in the journey.
8. Believe Who You Really Are - you have access to the priesthood, you have the power to heal others.
9. The Worth of Souls/Help Them Change Their Lives - "it does no good to bring people into this church to have them walk back out again" (Pres. Hinkley)
10. Enjoy the Journey - let people see it in your faces, "happy always, content never"

It was such a good devotional and I wish I could just send you guys everything he told us, but the 10 things are pretty much the main ideas. 

That's really all I've got for now! Just know that I know this gospel is true, and that the gift of tongues is definitely real! We've learned so much in the past month! I know that Joseph Smith really did receive revelation from God to restore this amazing church, and I know that Thomas S. Monson is truly called of God to lead the church and that he does speak for God. I love this gospel, and it's amazing to watch it change lives. I love you all!

'Til next week!

Sestra Schaerrer


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