Monday, May 16, 2016

So I saw President Uchtdorf yesterday...

Hello Everyone!

Yes, I saw President Uchtdorf yesterday, but not in Slovakia, but in Prague! Why was I in Prague you might ask? Because we had a conference for all the members in the Czech Republic, and you know why? Because... WE GOT A STAKE IN THE CZECH REPUBLIC!! Yesterday we had a giant conference and everyone came from all over to be there for the stake and wards to be organized!

It was such an incredible experience. At the beginning of the conference President McConkie announced the stake president, and his counsilors, and the stake patriarch (which was awesome because sometimes it takes them a year to find a patriarch when they organize a stake, but we got on immediately!), and the high priests. Then they had all the members of each of the branches which would turn into wards stand and sustain becoming a ward, which was really awesome to see. There are going to be 6 wards and 7 branches in the Prague, Czech Republic Stake. Isn't that so awesome???
President Uchtdorf and his wife spoke and Pres. Uchtdorf talked about how in years to come we will be sitting in a meeting just like that one, as a temple will be announced in the Czech Republic, and the members will think back about how "My grandparents joined the church when there was only one stake in the Czech Republic and we were in a branch! Now there are many stakes and we're getting a temple!" It was such an amazing experience to hear that eternal perspective from a member of the first presidency. 
It was actually really special that President Uchtdorf could be there, normally a first presidency member wouldn't go to a stake organization, but he told us that a few weeks ago, in the top room of the temple, the first presidency and twelve apostles were talking about the stake being formed in the Czech Republic, and President Monson turned to President Uchtdorf and told him "You're going to go to that!" Which is super special because President Uchtdorf was born in Ostrava, Czech Republic and even spoke Czech when he was little! 
Gah it was just such an amazing experience, and it was in a beautiful conference center in Prague which was actually on an island in the middle of the river! It was so cool!
It was also super awesome for me to be able to go. I texted President McConkie last week asking him if I would be able to go, since it was just for the Czech Republic and I was still in Slovakia, and he said to me "That's the downside of staying in Bratislava, huh?" But he told me that he would find a way to get me there and I'm so so so grateful that I was able to go. I also got to see members from Liberec, Brno, and Ostrava and they all remembered me! I was so happy to be able to see them all!

This weekend was really a miracle, I feel so blessed. It is a great time to be a missionary!!

Other than that, Pepo is still doing amazingly. I guess yesterday at church he told the elders that Joseph Smith ran for president of the United States, and they didn't know that. Haha he's learning so much, he knows more than the missionaries!

This truly is the Lord's work, and His hand is definitely in it. Our hard work paid off a little bit yesterday as the stake was formed. Isn't that amazing? 

Have a miracle-filled week everyone! Love you!

s laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer :)
The beautiful room where the conference was, some members I love so dearly, and Ses. Van Langeveld cut my hair with paper scissors :)


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