Monday, May 2, 2016

Transfer Day!

Hello Everyone!

Well, today is transfer day and I'm.... Staying here in Bratislava, Slovakia! Crazy right? I know! It's super weird for a Czech sister to be in Slovakia for two transfers, but here I am! I'm super excited for this transfer, it's going to be a good one. I'm serving here with Sestra Van Langeveld. And she just happens to be from Provo and she knows my cousins. Small world, right?

Anyway, this past week was pretty crazy. We were running around everywhere trying to get everything done before the end of the transfer. We had training on Monday, which I think I already wrote about, Tuesday was our P day, Wednesday all the greenies had visa work here in Bratislava, so we had 6 sisters living at our apartment for a little while. It was pretty crazy but they are all legal, yay! Thursday was relatively normal, we practiced for our concert which was Friday. The concert went really well. Elder Williams got his hands on a saxophone, Elder Bednar played the harmonica with his nose, Elder Boam played his violin, and we all sang an Australian song with the Hardwicks. Saturday we got our transfer calls, and found out that I'm staying, and that Ses. McPheeters is going to Košice! Sunday was our last day together, church was really awesome, and then afterwards we went and visited the Družkovci, the Russian family in the branch, and then we had some food at the Hardwicks with the whole district. 

This morning I sent off Ses. McPheeters to Košice, Elder Williams is off to Nitra, and Elder Naegle is going to Brno (to work in the archives, they've never had younger missionaries work there before, so that's pretty cool). Then here we'll have Elder Boam and Elder Harp, and Elder Bednar and Elder Brown, and then Ses. Van Langeveld and I. It's going to be a great transfer, we're all so excited!

Well, this email is pretty short and sweet, but it's really all I've got for you. I'll send some pictures of our last week together :) 

The gospel is true, and if transfers have ever taught me anything, it's that they are totally inspired. God definitely directs them so we go where we are supposed to be, even if we don't agree with Him at first. :)

I love you all, have an enjoyable spring and a great week!

s laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer
 Australian song at our concert, Ses. M and I at the top of the UFO tower, and my feet in Austria and Slovakia!

 I forgot to mention that we went to the bridge that straddles the boarder of Austria and Slovakia for our culture activity. I've now been to every boardering country of the Czech Republic (but not in each country, that's against the rules haha). Also we had a baptism Friday morning, the elders' investigator Karolina! Also, an investigator named Gabriel played his accordian in our concert, and then taught me how to play it! ;)


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