Monday, May 30, 2016

hot Hot HOT!!

Ahoj Everybody!

Well this week, summer finally came, because over the weekend it was SO HOT!! Over the weekend it was around 29 C, and it's only going to get hotter as week get further into summer. 

The past week was pretty great. Last P day Ses. Van Langeveld and I took a 2 and a half hour nap because we were so exhausted from running around the week before for visa work and trencin, and everything. Then the rest of the week was pretty normal. We met some awesome people that will hopefully become new progressing investigators. 

On Saturday we had a branch picnic and it was so fun! And we got to wear pants! We went to a park called Partizanska Luka were we had hotdogs and gulaš, and we played games in the sun for hours! It was super fun, and everyone showed up to church sunburned and sore the next day!
At the picnic, Ses. Van and I were in charge of the spiritual thought. We had the elders all stand at the front, while we went around offering everyone there little chocolate wafer things. If someone took a wafer, the elders had to do 5 push-ups, but if someone didn't take a wafer, the elders still had to do 5 push-ups. I think in the end they ended up doing over 100 push-ups. Then we shared Alma 7:11-13 and talked about how Christ has already suffered, died, and been resurrected for us. He already did it, it's already done. And it doesn't matter if people accept that He did it or not, He did it anyway. And we shared our testimonies of the reality of the atonement, and how important it is that we accept it, and share it. :)

Other than that everything was pretty normal this week. A good, normal, hot week here in Bratislava. As far as an update on Pepo, he's super awesome. He asked us about garments this week because he had read about them on the church website, so that was interesting. He also told us that he wants to pass the sacrament after he gets baptized. :) He's so awesome, his baptism is June 11th, it's coming up!

The gospel is definitely true. We were talking recently with a less active member about how all of the opposition the church faces, is only evidence that it's true. Joseph Smith was killed because it's true. People yell at two young girls on the streets because it's true. People produce anti material because it's true. But the church is growing because it's true, and people's lives are changing because it's true. 

Have a wonderful week everyone! And an incredible summer!

s laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer




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