Monday, August 15, 2016

Miracles miracles miracles!

Hello Everyone!!
Soooooo much has happened this week! I don't know if I have time to write about all of it. Sorry these won't be very detailed explanations, but I'll try!
#1: On Tuesday we tried sheep's milk. There it was, at the store, so we bought it and tried it. As missionaries we kind of have a favorite cheese here in Slovakia. It's called bryndza, and it's a sheep cheese. It's really good and we don't have it in America. So anyway we thought, we love bryndza, so maybe we'll like sheep milk. It was interesting. It was kind of grainy, you could chew it a little bit. I had more than Ses. McPheeters, but the elders beat us by far. They tried it the next day and actually had multiple glasses! We thought they were crazy.
#2: Tuesday night someone lit the dumpster outside our apartment on fire, and it was a huge fire because there were things like vacuums and dryers and insullation in the dumpster. The firemen came to put it out but it took them like 20-30 minutes because when they would stop putting the hose on it the flames would just pop right back up. That was our evening's entertainment.
#3: Also Tuesday I think, we met with one of our investigators, Alexandra. She has two sons, 5 and 3, and she is so cute. She just really wants to strengthen her faith in God because she knows that He gives us everything. And on Tuesday in our lesson she accepted a baptismal date! 24 September! The only problem she has is she just got a job and works sundays right now, so we're praying that her schedule will change or something.
#4: We made lots and lots of banana bread this week. We're going to deliver it to less actives. Nothing says "let us in and save your soul" quite like American banana bread. Slovaks love it, but they definitely don't have it here.
#5: PATRIK GOT BAPTIZED!! Okay, this is probably the biggest event of the week, let me backtrack a little bit. Ses. Van Langeveld and I found Patrik together when I was in Bratislava, and when we asked him to get baptized, he said he didn't want to plan anything until he knew more. We always told each other that he WILL get baptized someday, we just don't know when.
So then when we had exchanges with the sisters in Bratislava a few weeks ago, I was able to be in the lesson where Patrik accepted a baptismal date, and I thought that was a miracle!
Then on Thursday we were on the phone with the sisters and they told us that Patrik was getting baptized on Saturday! We thought we weren't going to be able to go, because we're in Kosice, and Bratislava is a 6 hour train ride away. But I just kept having this feeling saying, "Just ask President if you can go, you won't know if you can or not if you don't ask him." So Friday morning I texted President asking if it was at all possible for us to go to Bratislava and he said yes!! We just had to go there and back in one day, and pay for it from our personal money.
So Saturday morning we were on a train from 5-10:30am, the baptism was from 12-2pm, and we caught a train back from 4-10pm, and we were in bed on time at 10:30pm. :) I got to give a talk at the baptism and we took lots of pictures. Patrik was baptized in a rive by Elder Mueller, and it was a beautiful outside little meeting. I'll be sure to send pictures. :)

It was a really great week, so much happened. And I really feel so completely blessed to have been able to go to Bratislava and back for the baptism. The church is true and God loves us, a lot!

Have a wonderful week everyone! 

s laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer


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