Tuesday, August 18, 2015

It's Raining, It's Pouring...


Sorry Everyone for not emailing yesterday, we had to go to Prague for Visa work, and with the train times and everything we didn't have time to email. So I'm emailing on this lovely, very wet Tuesday. It's rained so much, but we need it, and now it won't be so hot. :)

Fun Fact: I've been on my mission exactly 6 months today! Isn't that crazy? I'm not quite a third of the way yet because my mission is actually 19 months long. So I've still got a ways to go ;)

Let's see, what happened this week? A lot of things actually. Monday was P day, and our district went up to špilberk, a cool castle right in the middle of Brno. It's up at the top of this really steep hill, and you can see it from almost anywhere. So we went there and we got to take a tour of the dungeons/prison/torture chambers. It was so cool! I'll send some pictures. Then afterwards we all went and lunch at the "famous" Indian food restaurant, according to Ses. Holland. It was pretty good. Then we did just regular P day stuff, and then went to FHE where we played our new favorite card game. It's called "6 bere" and the main goal is to not get cows, but it's kind of hard to explain so I'm going to leave it at that haha.

Tuesday we got to work in the archives with the Baty's again! I love working in the archives, and I love the Baty's! It was so fun! Then later on Tuesday it was kind of a miracle. We were going to get ready to teach English, and on the way to the building we ran into two investigators and a less active! We got to talk to all three of them and check up on them. It was really cool that we were able to do that. 

Wednesday actually ended up being a mess. We were supposed to have district meeting, but Elder Galbraith, our district leader, got really, really sick. So we canceled that and then rearranged our day, but everything ended up falling through or not working out or something. It was super annoying and stressful. But at the end of the day we went to Miroslav's apartment with a member, Bratr Holý, and Miroslav asked Bratr Holý to baptize him, so that was really cool for us and for Bratr Holý. 

Thursday was Ses. Holland's year mark! She entered the MTC exactly one year ago Thursday. We wanted to do something to celebrate but we really didn't have time. We also had a meeting with David, one of our investigators. And it was actually a drop lesson. We loved meeting with him and discussing with him most of the time, but he just wasn't asking God if any of it is true. He would read the BofM, pray, go to church, keep the word of wisdom, but he just couldn't ask God if any of it was true because he "already knows it's not true." After we told him we can't meet anymore, we asked him what he thinks about the Book of Mormon and he said, "I think Joseph Smith wrote it and that it isn't true." So that was pretty sad. We're confident that one day he'll get it, and when he does he'll be a super strong member. Now just isn't the time. Bonus: I got a picture with David before we parted ways. And he said he'd come to church on the 23rd to see where we're going for transfers. :)

Friday was CULTURE NIGHT!! I love culture night! One day each transfer we can have a night to go do something cultural, and this weekend was Den Brna, which means "day of Brno" and we went to JARMARK! I got to go to Jarmark in Liberec too so I was super pumped to go again! It was so fun! And I can already see my mom's face when I say this, but I bought a sword!! Haha it's more like a dagger, but it's so cool! I have a sword! Ses. Holland and Elder Galbraith also bought some, so we're like a gang now. :)

The second part of culture night we actually had to do on Saturday during our lunch hour because tickets sold out for Friday night. We got to go into the tunnels under one of the Naměstí's (town square) in the center. They call it the Labyrinth and we got to go on a tour down there and they had found all sorts of crazy stuff like torture devices and alchemy things. So that was super fun too!
Also on Saturday we did a singing display in the morning and I saw Zdeněk! The super cool member in Liberec that took us to the 3 corners, and to help at that church, and all sorts of other fun things! He was here in Brno! And actually, Ses. Holland contacted him during the singing display, cuz she just thought he was another guy on the street. Elder Brittner and I were able to talk to him for a while, ask him how Liberec is doing and stuff. And he came to church the next day, and Elder Brittner and I got a picture with him. :)

Well I think that's about everything. It was a pretty crazy week, and this week is going to be crazy too! Miroslav and Zbyněk (the elders' investigator) are getting baptized on Friday!!! SO EXCITED! But we have so much to do! It's going to be crazy but so worth it! And then we're getting transfer calls on Saturday, so we'll see if I stay here in Brno or if I'll get shipped off to somewhere else. I really hope I stay though, I love it here :)

The gospel is true! These weeks have been pretty crazy, and amidst the madness we have see so many miracles! The Lord really is behind this work, and we couldn't do it without him.

Thanks for all your love, support, and prayers. I hope you're all doing well and I'll talk to you next week!

S láskou,

Sestra Schaerrer
Pictures: Jarmark!


That was David in that last one. These are from the Labyrinth :)

The špilberk tunnels, and Zdeněk!

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