Monday, August 10, 2015

T minus 12 Minutes!

Hello Everyone!

This week I was kind of a procrastinator and got really distracted and now I only have 12 minutes to write my group email, so here it goes!

Monday we tried to go to a museum for P day, but turns out almost everything here in Brno is closed on Mondays. So we just ended up playing card games with the elders at the church building. But I'm not complaining, it was actually super fun.

Tuesday we got to go work in the archives! The Baty's trained us to do what they do and we got to help them for about two hours. It was so fun! I would love to do that for a mission with my spouse when I'm older! And the Baty's are just awesome! And they're from Lindon! I don't know if I've already said this but I definitely plan on visiting them within the first 3 days of when I get home, they are awesome! And the archives are sooooo cool!

Wednesday we went to the řeyačoví for dinner/FHE. They are so cool, they are a member family and they are just so strong in the gospel! It was like being at home for a family home evening. Good food, singing, a spiritual thought. It was so fun!

Thursday Ses. Holland and I kind of invited ourselves over to the elders' investigator's for some knedliky. We really were craving knedliky and we heard that David, their investigator, is a really good cook. So basically we invited ourselves over but it was super good. And we had an awesome spiritual discussion while we were eating. 

Friday we had exchanges with the sisters in Slovakia, because they are our Sister Training Leaders. So Ses. Holland left in the morning to work in Slovakia all day, and I stayed with one of the sisters to work in Brno. And then we left in the evening so all of us stayed the night in Slovakia! I got to go to Slovakia! That's really rare for a missionary in the Czech Republic to even get to go to Slovakia, and even rarer for sisters to go, and I got to go there and spend the night! Overall the exchange was super good. We learned a lot, and got to go to Slovakia haha!

Saturday we got back from Slovakia, did a singing display with the elders, and then went and did service at the church. We had to dig out these really big weed things, and it was pretty hard and really hot. Miroslav was there and he helped us. It was pretty fun and now it looks way better. 

Sunday we had a surprise! Ex-Elder Payne came to visit at church! Which was cool for me because he went home from his mission the week I left for the MTC, and I taught him my first week of TRC, AND he's from Lindon! So I got to ask him how Lindon's doing and stuff, it was pretty fun. After church we had a lesson with Olga, she's is just one of the most amazing members ever! I love her so much!

Well, I tried to do it fast, I hope I got everything. This week has been crazy and HOT but the work keeps moving forward and we keep seeing miracles. I love you all and this gospel is true!!

Til next week!

S laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer
 Pics from the Archives, with Sis. Baty!


 Pictures from our exchange. The one with the head was while we were waiting for our connection. :)


 Service at the church. :)


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