Monday, August 24, 2015

Double Baptism!!

Howdy everybody!
That's right! This week we had a DOUBLE BAPTISM here in Brno! Miroslav got baptized!! Along with one of the elders' investigators named Zbyněk! It was soooo cool, so awesome!
This past week was just crazy! It was the last week of the transfer, and we were running around like crazy teaching people and getting ready for the baptism.
Monday we had to go to Prague for my visa work, I think I wrote about that last week, that's why I emailed on Tuesday instead cuz we didn't make it back to Brno in time to email.
Tuesday was just jam packed with lessons. Wednesday was like that too. On Wednesday we had an appointment with a member named Gad Vojkufka (I don't know how to spell his last name) and he is one of the oldest members in the Czech Republic. He was a member through wars, through communism, and we met so he could just tell us his story. It was really cool, I didn't understand all of it, but what I did understand was amazing.
Fun fact: The church survived here in the Czech Republic because of yoga. That's right, yoga. When religion was banned, I don't know all the details, but members would do yoga together and talk about the gospel. And that's how they kept church going. Crazy right? Anyway our appointment with Gad was really cool, even though it was only supposed to be an hour and it ended up being two and a half.
Thursday we had training! I love training. You get to like recharge your spiritual batteries at training and then go out and hit the streets! Except instead of hitting the streets we had to set up for a baptism. But all the same it was still awesome.
Friday was the baptism!! Ses. Holland and I went over to the church really early to start filling up the font, but before we could do that we had to sweep and clean it out, there were lots of spiders and things, it was kind of gross but we got it all clean and pretty. :) Then we set up chairs and things and had the baptism! And Miroslav came in a suit! Which was a pleasant surprise. Everything went really smoothly, it was a pleasant little "service" and Miroslav bore an awesome testimony after he was baptized. He's going to be a great member!
Saturday we got to go to Ivo and Veronika's wedding! Ivo and Veronika are (were) two of the YSA here in Brno and yesterday they tied the knot! They've been engaged for over a year so it was a long time coming. It was really cool that we could go.
Then Sunday was Ses. Holland's and Elder Galbraith's last day in Brno, so a lot of people came to say goodbye and everything. It was really cool to see how many people were there. It was a good meeting. Then that evening we went to the Baty's for a last dinner together.
This morning I kicked Ses. Holland out around 9am, and my new companion, Ses. Andreason, won't get to Brno until around 4:30pm. And Elder Galbraith left at 9am too, and Elder Brittner's new companion doesn't come until 5pm. So right now we're at the Archives so the Baty's can babysit us. Haha It's fun though, I love the Baty's!
Anyway it's been a crazy week, and a crazy transfer. I'm sad to see it end but I've still got one more transfer here in Brno and it's going to be awesome!
The gospel is true! It was amazing to be a part of a baptism, confirmation, and a wedding this week. The gospel really does bless us as individuals, and as families. I hope you all are well and have a great week!
Talk to you later!
S laskou,
Sestra Schaerrer 
 Pictures! Us just before the baptism, me and the Baty's at the wedding, our district, and Ivo and Veronika. 

  Us filling up the font (Elder Brittner killing a GIANT spider in the back), me and Miroslav being sassy, and Ses. Holland and I after a huge chocolate sale at Billa. ;)


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