Monday, October 5, 2015


Howdy Everyone!

I can't believe it's OCTOBER!! I opened my mission call on October 1st last year. That was a crazy, happy, exciting, and little bit scary day! I didn't know that a year could go so fast!

Anyway things here are pretty normal. Last week we just played games and things at the building again for P day. We've been pretty lame lately haha. But then President and his wife and two of their kids came from Slovakia, so we got to talk to them for a little bit. And then we went with President and the less active I talked about last week to have a lesson/discussion. I don't really know what to call it. But it was SOOO GOOD!! President is just awesome and answered every single question she had, and explained all of the false information she had read and everything. And she felt so much better afterwards to know that she had the whole story. 

Tuesday we had training. I love training! It's like recharging all your spiritual, missionary energy and afterwards you just want to go out and baptize the whole city! Then later that night we also taught English, except the elders weren't there to teach their classes, so Ses. Andreason taught our beginning class, and I taught the middle class and conversation class combined! It was so hard and awkward! I hadn't prepared anything and it was really intimidating, but I think it worked out haha. I think in the end everyone had a good time. 

Wednesday we had an awesome lesson with our investigator from the Netherlands! He's so cool and we put him on date! He said that he hadn't really received any answers if this stuff was true or not, but if he did, he would get baptized! We're shooting for November 6th.
We also went to work in the archives on Wednesday, because the new couple comes on Friday and after they come, we probably won't be able to work there any more, because they'll finally have enough people. So that was fun, and a little sad that it might be our last time. 

Thursday we had a really good lesson with a member, and his non-member 12 year old son. We talked about the Priesthood, and the dad shared examples of when he used his priesthood and how he felt about it. It was a really good lesson, and soon we're going to ask the son if he wants to get baptized! But he's going to be in England all this week, so next week! Haha
Wednesday night we were doing some calls, and I decided to call this former investigator that pretty much just fell of the planet. She was doing so well and then poof! Gone! She wouldn't answer our calls or texts, nothing. So I just randomly decided to call her, and she didn't answer, but five minutes later she called back! And she asked if we could meet on Thursday and talk! So she came to game night and we talked about what's going on, and now we should be able to start meeting again. 

Friday, the new senior couple came! They are the Birds, and they are from South Jordan, Utah. They were serving a mission working in the archives in Sweden, and then they came here because the Baty's are leaving in about 4 weeks. They're really cool. We helped them carry all their luggage to their apartment (the Archibald's old apartment) and then we all went to a restaurant for dinner, us, the Birds, the Baty's, and the elders. It was cool. We introduced them to Kofola, svičkova, and gulaš. I think they liked it, it was probably a major information overload, but I think they're doing well. 

Saturday we had a singing display and other lessons. Helped the Birds buy groceries and other stuff like that. Then Sunday night all of the missionaries came over for dinner. Ses. Andreason and I made gulaš soup, sliced some knedliky we bought, and the Birds brought a salad, and then for dessert we had Marlenka Medovník, the best cake on the face of the planet!! It was a lot of fun to have everyone over in our tiny apartment haha. 

So that's basically what we did this week. It's been crazy, and it's been good. Time is going so fast right now because we are always so busy! And I think the rest of the transfer is going to be super busy too. We have a wedding next week, a concert in Olomouc the week after, and another wedding. Oh, this weekend is conference because we get it a week late for translation and things, and a whole bunch of other stuff. We're also supposed to have another training before the transfer is over. It's going to be crazy, but it will be good. 

The gospel is so true everyone! I hope you don't get tired of me saying it, because I'm not going to stop! Haha. I'm so grateful to be in this amazing country, doing the work of the Lord with so many amazing people. 

Have an amazing week everyone, thank you for all your love, support, and prayers.

'Til next week!

S laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer

PS - Sorry, no pictures this week. I guess we were so busy I just forgot to take any!

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