Monday, October 12, 2015

Piece of Cake

Zdarec Everyone!

Well this week has been pretty crazy! So many things happened, big things! 

Last Monday, we really didn't do anything special for P day. We just went around to different shops and things. Oh! We did visit the post office, which has Mario elevators! They don't stop! Ever! You just hop on and then hop off again! I'll try to send a video I took. :) We also visited a coin shop and I bought some old coins, some were from Germany during Nazism and have swastikas on them (I don't know how to spell those words...). Anyway that was cool. Then we pretty much just ended up on a bench in the center, eating Czech hotdogs, playing 20 questions. But it was fun.

Tuesday we did service in the morning and we were destroyed!! We did the same thing we did a couple weeks ago where we threw bags full of clothes onto a truck, but there were way more bags this time and I swear they were heavier because all four of us missionaries were destroyed afterwards!

Wednesday we had FHE with a family in the branch, the Řezačovi. They are so awesome, we had dinner, and then watched a new Czech mormon message with them, and it was really cool because since the church is really small here, they knew a lot of the people in the mormon message. It was really fun to spend the evening with them. 
Then we went straight to Miroslav's for his usual Wednesday night study group. It was really good, he taught us about the Plan of Salvation, and we talked about the purpose of life on earth. It was awesome. Elder Brittner kind of likes to push Miroslav with harder questions and at one point Miroslav just said, "Viš co? Nemluv. (You know what? Don't speak.)" It was really funny and all of us burst out laughing.  :)

Thursday, Ses. Andreason and I went over to the Baty's to bake Tessi's wedding cake. Tessi's wedding was on Friday and somehow Sis. Baty volunteered to make the wedding cake, and asked us to help her, which ended up in us making the cake, and Sis. Baty decoating it. Anyway so we spent most of Thursday buying the ingredients and then baking the cakes. 

Then Friday, we went over to the church 2 or 3 hours before the wedding was supposed to start so we could frost and decorate the cake. It took a long time, but I think it turned out really well. There were a few minor crisis along the way, but in the end the cake was finished on time and I think it looked pretty good. Sis. Baty did a great job with the flowers and the bride and groom and everything. I even got to taste a little later and it turned out pretty good. 

The wedding itself was awesome! They did so many cool Czech traditions. The ceremony itself was pretty short, just all the legal things. Then they had dinner and did all the traditions. We threw rice at them as they left, then they swept up a broken plate together (doing together their first "work" as husband and wife), then they fed each other soup. Another tradition they did is while they dance, the crowd threw coins at them, and then they got to keep all the money at the end. Tessi is from the Phillipines, so she also showed us her country's national dance, and there were a lot of other dances too. That was probably the hardest part for us missionaries, was not joining in all the dancing. But we just sat and watched. At the end of the wedding they did this thing where the couple sits back to back, and each of them have each of their shoes, then someone asks them questions "Who is the most...?" And they answer by lifting up the shoe of whoever they think it is. We had to leave right as they started that so we didn't get to see much. 
The wedding was so fun! Probably one of the most fun nights I've had on my mission so far. I want a wedding like that! It was pretty small and simple, but full of tradition and so much fun! And it really is like a fairytale ending for Tessi and Bro. Jeglík. They are both so awesome, I'm so happy for them. 

Then Saturday and Sunday we watched conference at the church building. Conference was amazing! If I had more time I'd write a lot more about it, but basically I loved it!! So great!!

I hope you all had an awesome week, and I hope you find time to rewatch or read conference. This church is true and I'm so grateful for the leaders of our church!

Thanks for your love and prayers, have an awesome week everyone!

S laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer
Sorry everyone, the computer is being dumb and won't let me send pictures, so you'll just have to wait for next week!

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