Monday, October 19, 2015

Wedding #3

Howdy Everyone!

This week was crazy! 

Monday we went to this absolutely adorable town called Znojmo! It's about an hour away from Brno, down by the Austrian boarder, and it is gorgeous there! Everywhere you look is just beautiful! We took tons of pictures!

Then Saturday was Dalibor's wedding! Wedding number 3 for me on my mission, and also number 3 while I've been in Brno. It was a really beautiful ceremony, and we got to be there with President McConkie! And that was really fun.

Time is pretty crazy for me right now because this next week is the last week of the transfer!! Which is crazy both becuase it feels like it just started, and because since I've been in Brno two transfers already, I'll probably be leaving, and I am SO SAD!! I love Brno! I never want to leave! But I'm also excited to see where I'll be going next. And who knows, maybe I'll stay another transfer here in Brno, I'll find out on Saturday, and you'll find out next week!

Sorry for the short email, I don't have tons of time this week. But I'll try to send some pictures, if the computer behaves.

Have an awesome week this week everyone! The gospel is true!

s laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer

 Dalibor and his new wife :)
 Here are pictures from last week! Making the cake at the Baty's, making the frosting at home, Tessi's wedding, and our conference set-up. :)


 And the elevators :)

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