Monday, November 9, 2015

Leaves are falling all around...

Hello Everyone,

This week was good, but nothing terribly exciting happened. We did have one really cool story though:
So two Sundays ago we met this guy named Jan on the street, and I was kind of doubting that he would have interest, but turned out that he did! So we set up with him, and after some reschedulings we were able to set up for Sunday/yesterday. Then we were in Ostrava contacting with the elders, and we missed our bus to get to the train station, so we found another bus at a different time, and then we ended up missing that one too because Ses. Behunin was in a contact. So we ran to the bus stop and took the very next bus. That bus would get us to the train station 3 minutes before our train left. Then, the bus came two minutes late! So we only had 60 seconds to run from the bus stop to the train station! The whole bus ride there we were praying that the train would have a zpoždění (delay) so that we could make it, but there is absolutely no reason for our train to have a zpoždění because it just comes to Ostrava, sits and waits, and then goes back to Frydek. But for SOME MIRACULOUS REASON, it had a 5 minute zpoždění! And we made it! And we were on time to Jan's lesson! And he is super awesome and prepared and has lots of awesome questions! And we put him on date in the first lesson! It was such a miracle that it all worked out!

Not a whole lot else happened though. We visited some members and we ate so much food that I thought I was going to die. (that's Czech ettiquette, eat whatever they give you). Also, Ses. Behunin made me laugh really hard one day while I was drinking water, and she made me laugh so hard, that I threw up. Well, it was just water, but basically that's what happened. She thought it was hilarious and she's really proud of herself now. :)

Oh also once while we were looking for less actives we found a kitten! And we played with the kitten for a while and I named him Simba because he looks like my first cat whose name was Simba. :) 

Anyway, I'll see if I have any pictures to send, sorry it was kind of a boring week, but the gospel is still true! And I'm so incredibly grateful that I get to be here in the Czech Republic and share that messagel. 

I love you all and hope you have an awesome week!

s laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer
 The kitten we found, a random market on the naměstí, and the sunrise this morning!

The missionaries here in Ostrava are in charge of a Thanksgiving party (the branch really likes it, even though they don't celebrate thanksgiving here) AND WE NEED RECIPES!!! So if any and all of you could send any kind of Thanksgiving day recipe, that would be greatly appreciated! We need them ASAP, so if you could send them this week so I can get them next Monday, that would be fabulous! 


with love,

The missionaries of Ostrava :)

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