Monday, November 16, 2015

Trains for Dayz...

Hi Everyone!

Well not anything super exciting happened this week, we had some really good lessons with some of our investigators, we visited lots of members, and right now we're actually in Prague because I had my last step in the visa work process, which means I'm a legal resident of the Czech Republic! Yay!

Anyway, the most exciting/abnormal part of our week was probably that we got lost. On Thursday we got on the wrong train coming back from a members house (we take trains EVERYWHERE) And ended up in this place called JileŇ°ovice. And to this day I don't know where it is. Long story short we ended up waiting for like and hour for the train to take us back so we could get on the right train, and we ended up taking crazy pictures, which I will attach for your joy and pleasure. Sometimes missionaries just gotta have a little fun. Especially when your at a dark trainstop in the middle of nowhere with no one else to talk to. 

I hope you all have an awesome week, and I'll talk to you later!

OH! One more thing, if you could all please send some more recipes for Thanksgiving, we would really appreciate it! I got a few, but we need way more! Thanks!

s laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer

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