Monday, December 21, 2015

Wishing You a Very Merry Christmas!

It's here everyone!

Almost, Christmas is almost here and I am so excited!! I swear Christmas on the mission is the greatest celebration on earth! What better thing to do than to walk through the streets and share this amazing message!

This past week was pretty great! We met a lot of great people and had some awesome lessons. We were even able to get back into contact with one of our investigators that was kind of avoiding us for a while. We visited lots of members, passed our cleaning checks, had our culture night, and lots of other things. 

Thursday was part one of our two part culture night, for dinner we got to go to the Naměstí and check out all the shops and food and performances, it was so fun, and then on Friday we went to part two. We got to go to a concert for a choir that a member, Bro. Moravec, is in. It was in a cool cathedral, and it was a miracle we got in! We stood in line to buy tickets and a man comes out and says, "go home, we're all sold out!" And a lot of people leave. But we just couldn't because Bro. Moravec wanted us to come so badly, he even gave Ses. Behunin and I 300 crowns as our Christmas present so we wouldn't have to use our own money for the tickets. So we had to get in. 
So we wait and some people are still trying to get in, and they just keep saying they are all sold out. So Elder Lanham goes up and talks to the lady and says, "Please, we're from America and our friend really wanted us to come, please let us buy tickets." And they told us to just wait off to the side to see if people who bought tickets didn't end up coming. So we waited for a while (and prayed) and by some miracle we got in! They let us buy tickets (and for half of the normal price) and we got to watch the concert!

Then Friday was probably my favorite day the of the whole week. We got up at 2:30am to catch a train to Ostrava, then we caught a train at 5:45am to Brno because an investigator I taught there got baptized!! His name is Peter and he's from the Netherlands, I taught him for 5 or 6 weeks before I left Brno and I got to go back for his baptism! It was such an amazing experience, he grew so much in the time since I left. He shared his testimony after they preformed the baptism and it was so strong, I'm just so happy for him! 

Then Saturday was our Christmas Concert. We spent all day getting ready for it, and it was really really stressful, but I think it turned out okay. I played the piano and Ses. Behunin sang, Elder Lanham played his guitar, and we had a choir, and I think overall it went well. Then after the spiritual program, a member had put together a bunch of Czech traditions for us to do and it was really fun. One of the traditions they do is they throw a shoe behind them, and if it is pointing at a door, it means they'll get married in the next year. They had all the single women throw a shoe and Ses. Behunin's was pointing at the door! ;) Don't worry, mine wasn't haha. 

Then Sunday was Christmas Sunday so after sacrament meeting, instead of classes we just watched the Christmas Devotional and it was really good. Everyone was happy and in the Christmas spirit. :)

Thank you everyone for all the birthday wishes, and thank you for your love and support, and for being great examples of faith in Christ. This gospel is true, Christ is our Savior, and this truely is the most wonderful time of the year.

Have a very Merry Christmas everyone! Talk to you next week!

s laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer
Both concerts and the baptism :)


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