Monday, April 4, 2016

Not-Quite-Conference Weekend :)

Hello Everyone!

I hope you all enjoyed Conference over the weekend, I did not. Actually, we just haven't seen it yet because it has to be translated first, so we'll watch it next week. :)

This week has gone pretty well. It's crazy how fast the time is flying, it's already week 6 of the transfer! When did that happen? 
This week we had some miracles with less actives. There is this one less active, her name is Monika, and she sometimes sends us these weird text messages about bad spirits are bugging her and telling her to leave the church, and normally we just call her afterwards and talk her through it and she's fine again. But this past week she wasn't answering the phone when we called, she told us the evil spirits would tell her not to answer the phone. But one day we ran into her on the street, and that was totally a miracle. We talked to her about inviting the Holy Ghost into her life by praying and reading the Book of Mormon, and she told us we were probably right and that she would try it. So then that was settled. 
Then Sunday morning, she had sent us 4 text messages before we had even woken up at 6:30, all about how she wants to leave the church and how can she leave the church and does she have to do any papers for that? Anyway, yesterday evening President Batka (Bratislava branch president) had some time to go with us to visit Monika at her apartment, and it was soooooo good. It was a super spiritual experience. We (the missionaries) didn't really say anything, but President Batka really calmed Monika down and talked her through all of her concerns and really did a lot for her. It strengthened my testimony that our leaders are really called of God and given a special spirit to discern what to do for the members of their branches. President Batka is awesome!! 

Then on Thursday we had an awesome exchange with Ses. Ratcliffe and Ses. Van Langeveld who are serving right now in Trenčín. They both came here to Bratislava and I think we all learned a lot together. We also taught so many lessons! I think that day we had 13 lessons! I mean both sets of sisters were in one area, but it was really cool to work with them for a day. They are both really great. :) 

It's really just been a great week. And the weather is getting better and we just have so much more energy and everyone on the street just seems happier when the weather is good. I'm excited for these next couple of weeks as we just kill it until the end of the transfer. It's going to be great!!

The church is so true! I've also had a few realizations over that past couple of days, that I actually will go home soon. I never really thought I would make it to this point, and now I'm here and I don't like it. But I'm just so grateful for the opportunity I've had to serve a mission, it's changed me in so many ways, and I would never trade the experiences I've had on my mission for anything. It's great to be a missionary!!

I love you all, I hope you have an awesome week, and feel free to re-watch conference with us on Saturday and Sunday! I love Conference!!

s laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer :)
 Our exchange with the Trencin sisters, and Ses. McPheeters watching lots of The District. :) 

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