Tuesday, April 26, 2016

District Conference and Training

Ahoj Everyone!!

So you might have noticed that today is Tuesday, and not Monday. That's because yesterday we had training, and the few days before that we had District Conference here in Slovakia. It was a super powerful weekend!

Earlier in the week though we had an awesome Relief Society activity. The branch celebrated the birthday of Relief Society, even though it was in March. And then the Hardwicks, the senior missionary couple, explained what a temple dedication is like because we'll get to watch a broadcast of the Freiburg Temple Re-dedication in September, since it's the closest temple to our mission. The sisters afterwards made handmade white handkercheifs for the dedication. Ses. McPheeters and I also got to make handkercheifs and mine turned out really well, I'm really impressed with myself haha. It was a super fun activity.

Then Saturday was the adult session of district conference. In the morning I had my interview with President McConkie, which is always awesome, I love interviews! In my interview he asked me, "So, Sister Schaerrer, do you like it here in Bratislava?" I told him of course I do, it's a great city with amazing members, and he asked me, "So... you wouldn't mind staying here another transfer?" and I said, "No..." haha. He told me that he still hadn't figured out the transfer yet, but that he would keep that in mind while he was working on it. So we'll see what happens. :) 

Anyway, Saturday evening we had the adult session of district conference, it was super cool. Lots of missionaries and members from all over were there. Elder Jouttenous, an area authority seventy was there and he talked a lot about unity in our branches. I think it's really what the branches everywhere in our mission need right now. 
Sunday morning we had the general session and it was equally as powerful. Lots of good talks that I think will help the branches to work more in unity and with love with one another and with investigators and missionaries. It was truly inspired.

Then yesterday we had our combined zone conference. It was SO GOOD!! The Czech-Brno Zone came to Bratislava for it, and of course all the slovak missionaries were there too. It was really nice for me to see my fellow Czech missionaries. I love being here in Slovakia, but it was good to see some old friends. :) Actually, my whole MTC group was there minus one elder, Elder Terry, who is serving in the office right now. So we all got together and took a picture, I'll make sure to send it. It was really fun to catch up with everyone. The training was super powerful too. President McConkie is such a powerful teacher. We talked about a lot of different things, and I know that every one of us missionaries needed to hear those specific things. Especially Ses. McConkie's training on potential. It's pretty easy for us to get down on ourselves, especially after being rejected all day, but that shouldn't make us lose sight of our potential. We also have to see investigators and members with God's eyes to really see their potential. It was so good.
And as a surprise for the visiting Czech missionaries, we had Halušky catered to us for our lunch. It was the most halušky I think I've ever seen in one room, it was really fun.

Anyway, it's been a pretty spiritually uplifting weekend, and it kind of made me freak out that I'm going home in just over two transfers (and Elder Oviatt kept bugging me about it, he told me his goal was to make everyone as trunky as possible). But it just made me want to get out and work as hard as I can, our time is already limited as missionaries, and my personal time is even more limited. There is no better work than missionary work!

Have a wonderful week everyone, the next time we talk it will be May! Can you believe it? 

s laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer
Tatarak (raw beef mixed with raw egg on toast, so delicious!), giant singing display on sunday, our MTC group, and my new Slovak name tag!


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