Monday, June 6, 2016

It's Already June!!

Hello Everyone!!

Can you believe it's June?? Neither can I!! Time is so crazy!

Well, life is going well here in Bratislava. This past week was a week full of miracles. At the beginning of the week we had an exchange in Trencin with the sisters there. I got to serve with Sestra Easton for a day and we taught some really good lessons and met some cool people. 

Then, because we were gone for almost 2 days, Ses. Van Langeveld and I had to work extra hard when we got back because we still had to get all of our lessons in, and by some miracle we still hit standards this week! I don't know if I've ever explained what standards are for our mission so it is:
1 person on baptismal date
2 investigators at church
4 lessons with a member present
2 new investigators
65 hours of speaking Slovak
I think that's everything. Oh, and you also have to teach a total of 20 lessons during the week. Standards is hard to reach on a normal week, and we were gone for 2 days, but God loves his missionaries and we worked super hard and still got all of our numbers in! We had some great lessons and taught some awesome new people. 

Pepo is doing just great. He's so cool! We had a lesson with him about the Priesthood with the elders this week and he told us that he's excited for his baptism, and to get the priesthood. He said he's already decided that he wants to pass the sacrament. He also told us that he wants to get the priesthood kneeling down, because that's how Joseph Smith got the priesthood. We still haven't asked if that's okay or not, but it was just so funny. Pepo is the greatest human being I've ever met. He's getting baptized this Saturday at 4pm and we're all really excited! He's going to do so much good here in the branch. He has so much energy for missionary work and the gospel in general. He told us that he has plans to help build up all of the branches in Slovakia, not just the Bratislava branch! I think I already said this but he told us that he's going to build a temple in Slovakia! He's the greatest!

Other than that, everything is the same. I was writing my sister an email, and she told me that her week is boring and repetitive, and I said, well, so is mine. I mean we do the exact same things every day, but then we see miracles like Pepo that liven things up a little bit. :) 

God is so good. His hand is truly in this work because there is no way we could be doing all this without Him. There's a lot of good going on in the mission right now as well. Yesterday we watched a regional conference that was broadcast to all of Europe and it was exactly what a lot of the people we're working with needed to hear. Also, right now in our mission, there are 23 people that are planning on getting baptized before the end of June! The work is moving forward!!

Have a great week everyone! Look for little miracles, Elder Hardwick said this week, "You find what you look for" and I know God is giving us little miracles everyday, we just have to practice seeing them.

s laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer

 FHE activity, exchange in Trencin, sushi with the elders, and the day it absolutely poured!!

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