Monday, June 13, 2016

Pepo got Baptised!!

Hello Everyone!

Pepo is now Brat Pepo, that is, Brother Pepo!! He was baptized at 4pm on Saturday and it was the first ever baptism in the portable font in the church building. It was so nice and a lot more people could come because it was just at the church building instead of in a river or a hotel. 

I don't even know what to say, it was just so amazing, and Pepo is awesome! Pepo told us a few weeks ago that he invited 11 people to the baptism, then this last week he told us he had invited 15, and then 8 of them actually came and it was a great day! 

In the morning we went to the church with the elders to start filling up the font. The font was in the primary room, and we had to use a hose from the bathroom sink through the hallway and into the font. We filled it up half way with the cold water, and then we were going to switch it to hot water, but when the hot water came out, it was bright orange! (That happens sometimes, it's relatively normal) But that means that the font water was also tinted orange. So we quickly stopped it and filled it up the rest of the way with cold water in the hopes that the orange would be diluted. It kind of worked haha. No one asked us why the font water was orange so either they didn't notice or they just didn't say anything.
The program went really well. Ses. Van Langeveld and Elder Harp both gave talks, I played a musical number on the piano, "I know that my Redeemer lives" then we moved into the primary room for the baptism. Everyone just kind of stood around and watched while Elder Brown baptized Pepo. And then we moved back to the chapel to finish the meeting. President Batka welcomed Pepo into the branch, and then Pepo gave his testimony. Pepo used to be a poet and an actor, so he shared a couple poems during his testimony and it was great. :) 
Then on Sunday Pepo was confirmed a member of the church by President Batka and now he is Brother Pepo! Then Sunday afternoon we went with Pepo over to the Hardwicks and we made halusky with him and had banana splits. Now he's preparing to get the Aaronic priesthood, hopefully next week! He's so awesome!!

It has been an amazing blessing for me to work with Pepo all the way from the very beginning to baptism. I already thought it was a blessing for me to stay in Slovakia, and then to help and see Pepo get baptized was an amazing opportunity. This church is true and there really are prepared people out there, we just have to go find them!

The rest of our week was pretty good, but Pepo's baptism and confirmation was definitely the highlight. I'm so grateful to be a missionary and to see people's lives change for the better. Pepo is a great example to me of unwavering faith. He's so strong in the gospel already. He truly understands it, and is sharing it with his friends. And he's already preparing for the temple and he's so excited! 

Have an amazing week everyone! Share the gospel with someone you know! 

s laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer

More Pictures! Pepo sharing his testimony at the baptism, draining the font, and us at dinner at the Hardwicks!


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