Monday, June 27, 2016

Sweat, Sun Burns and Nude Beaches

Hi Everyone!

Hope you've all had a great week! It's been really hot here in Bratislava. Ses. Van and I had a 3 hour contacting block this week and we thought, "It's so hot, where will all the people be?" And we thought a lake park by our house would be a good idea. Bad idea. We got there and basically had to just keep looking at the ground because the amount of clothing at the lake was very minimal. You could say we won't be contacting there any more. :)

On Sunday, Pepo passed the sacrament! It was kind of cute because he was really excited, but also really nervous. He did a great job though, and he was smiling ear to ear. 

This is going to probably be a short email. A lot happened last week, but it all went so fast that it's kind of a blurr. On Friday we had our concert. It wasn't as well put together like our last concert, but it worked. It was more like a talent show. Ses. Van, Elder Brown, and I did the cup song with missionary lyrics, and that went well. Pepo played guitar and sang, Elder Bednar played his harmonica, Elder Boam played his violin, and we all sang together. Pepo even wrote a small skit for him, Ses. Van, and I to do together, so that was interesting. I'll try to send pictures and videos. 

Other than that it was just really hot. And since we had training on Monday the week went by pretty fast. 

Tomorrow President McConkie and family go home, and on Friday we'll meet the new mission president. He'll do a mini training to get to know him, and then we'll all have interviews with him. Then the next day we'll get our transfer calls, and on Monday everyone will move. I could either stay here in Bratislava, or I could go back to the Czech Republic. Really anything is possible, so we'll see what happens. 

Have a great week everyone! Drink lots of water and wear sunscreen because at least here in Bratislava it's going to be another hot one! And the church is still true, even when it's hot outside. :) 

s laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer :)
 pictures from Devin castle, fireworks out our apartment window, and Pepo before he passed the sacrament

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