Monday, July 18, 2016

It's July And It's Been Freezing!!

Hello Everyone,
Well, I have no idea what the weather has been like wherever you are, but here in Slovakia for the past 3 days it's been rainy and cold! Which is really weird because I was reading in my journal about this time of year last year, and it was so hot I thought my shoes would melt to the side walk!
Anyway, this past week was pretty great. We've met with a few new investigators who have families, which would be really awesome for the branch here in Kosice. There aren't really any families, so it would be awesome if they get baptized!
We also had kind of a worrisome situation where I was almost deported. Haha not really. But because we got a new mission president, he didn't know how long I had already been in Slovakia. And I don't have a Slovak visa, only Czech. So for a while we thought I was going to be emergency transfered back to the Czech Republic or something. But a few days ago President Pohorelicky talked to the lawyer here in Slovakia and she said that when people, mainly police, ask me how long I've been here, I have to say how long it's been since I was last in the Czech Republic, which was like June 20th or something, and I'm not allowed to say how long I've actually been here, which is since February. So it's an interesting situation, but hopefully everything will be fine and I'll be able to serve here in peace.
On Friday we had a day of service. We first went to Ses. Burdigova's house and helped her clean. She's an older woman who can't really take care of her apartment by herself. Which is dumb because her son lives with her and mooches off of her and doesn't clean a thing. So we helped clean her carpets. Which involved dipping a brush into a water and vinegar mix and then brushing the dog hair out of the carpet with said wet brush. It's a method I've never seen before, but I guess it works...
Then we went and helped Eva again with this little circle garden thing she's doing. We've removed the old tree, put in a new one, and we planted probably 60 lavendar plants. It looks really good, and it makes the whole neighborhood look better.
Other than that things have been normal here. Oh, I also have decided to only speak Slovak. I was going back and forth on whether I should speak Czech or Slovak because I was originally called to speak Czech and to serve in the Czech Republic. So I was going to stick with Czech. But I've been serving in Slovakia almost 5 months now, and I'm going to finish my mission here in Slovakia, so I've decided that my call was "changed according to the needs of the mission president" and that because I'm teaching Slovak people in Slovakia, I should speak Slovak. It's actually going really well because I already understood everything, I just had to actually speak it. Before I was probably already speaking about 50% Czech and 50% Slovak, and since I decided to speak Slovak I probably speak about 80% Slovak and 20% Czech, because somethings still come out more naturally in Czech. But I've also started reading the Book of Mormon in Slovak, and I'm hoping I can finish it before the end of my mission. I have to read about 10 pages a day, and so far it's going well. I think it's actually easier for me to read the Book of Mormon in Slovak anyway (I was doing it in Czech before).
The gift of tongues is definitely real. Before I decided whether to speak Czech or Slovak, I would have a hard time speaking in Slovak whenever I tried. Then I received a blessing that talked about being confident in my decisions, and so I decided to speak and study Slovak, and ever since I made the decision, it's been much easier. God blesses us, and He answers our prayers, but I've found a lot of the time He lets us make the decisions because He trusts us.
Have a wonderful week everyone, I'll be sure to add some pictures. :)
s laskou,
Sestra Schaerrer

 Pictures :) Us with our sweaters and umbrellas in the middle of July, the sunset the other day, and our completed service project (almost, it needs more wood chips).

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