Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Happy Pioneer Day!

Happy Pioneer Day everyone! Hope you had a great time celebrating the amazing people that helped get our church off the ground!

This past week was pretty normal overall. We had a few raining days, a few really, really hot days. And a few days in between. 

On Tuesday, Ses. McPheeters and I went tracting in a new area just outside of Kosice where there are some really nice houses. First of all disclaimer: tracting isn't the most effect form of missionary work in the mission. But I give it a chance every now and again because with God and faith, anything is possible. Anyway, we were tracting and we ran the zvonek (like a doorbell, but from outside the fence) to a really nice looking house. A woman answered the window on the second floor, and said she didn't really want to talk, but that her husband is a pastor at the apostolic church and if we want she'll send him down to talk to us. So we said sure and he came down, and we had the most pleasant conversation I have ever had with a leader of another church. He didn't bash with us, he didn't tell us we didn't know what we're doing because we're just young girls. None of the normal stuff. He was very nice AND! AND he let us give him a Book of Mormon and our card! Never in my mission would I have ever thought that a pastor of the apostolic church would #1: talk to us without arguing, #2: Take our card, or #3: Take a Book of Mormon. I was a little bit in shock. Miracles really do happen. We just need him to get baptised and then convert his whole congregation and we'll start the Kosice Stake! :)

Then on Thursday we saw another miracle. We had been finishing our studies in our apartment, when we had to hurry to the church building for a lesson, and we get to the building and realize that we left our phone in our apartment. So our lesson doesn't come on time, and since we can't call them we decided to wait extra long, in case they are running late or something. While we're waiting (almost 25 minutes after our lesson was supposed to come, just to be sure) a woman (not our lesson) walks into the building and tells us, "I met with missionaries about a year ago, and I thought today would be a good day to come back." MIRACLE! If we hadn't have forgotten our phone and waited extra long, no one would have been in the building and we wouldn't have met this woman. AND while we were talking to her, our original lesson walked in, and since they were both women, I was able to teach this lady while Ses. McPheeters taught our planned lesson in the other room. God definitely has a divine plan!

Then on Saturday we were able to help a really cool guy and his girlfriend clean up the yard around their house. They had a lot of wood palets that they were cutting down, and they also have sheep. So Ses. McPheeters and I helped the girlfriend clean out the sheep pen, and the elders help move around wood palets. They also had a green house that we helped with after we finished with the sheep, and in the greenhouse we found the BIGGEST WASP I HAVE EVER SEEN!! I think it's even too big to be called a wasp! I'll send a picture. Other than that it was really fun to work on a little farm and they were so happy we could help them. They also gave us a life time supply of tomatoes (the tomato plants grew taller than me!!). 

Then, as part of our Sunday, we went on a wild goose chase. A man had called us during church, but we didn't have his number in our phone already. So we called him afterwards and he told us he wanted to meet and talk to us. So we set up to meet with him on the namesti (town square). We get to the namestie and can't find him anywhere. We're calling him, and searching for him, and in the end we figured out that we are in Kosice and he's in a city called Banska Bystrica. We have no idea how he got our number. We were about to offer to send him the number for the missionaries in Baska, but then we found out he was homeless and only wanted money, and he had already asked the missionaries in Banska for money. Anyway, we literally ran all over the namestie for like 30 minutes and it was so hot!!

So pretty much that's what's happened this last week. This week we'll only be in our area for a few days because we have an exchange and a training in Bratislava, so we'll be gone Thursday, Friday, and get back late Saturday night. So we have to work really hard these few days to make up for being gone. 

The gospel is true, and I know that the Lord is watching over his little branch in Kosice (on Sunday in church it was 6 missionaries, 2 visitors, and 1 member). There is a lot of potential for growth here, we just have to be creative and find out how to do it. 

Have a wonderful week everyone! Be safe if you are traveling, and don't get sunburned!

s laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer
 Us tracting (Ses. McPheeters' first time!), the wasp! that's my ring next to it!, and us at service :)

More service pictures :) The sheep pen is all clean (the white stuff is like a sanitizer)


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