Monday, February 22, 2016

365 Days Later...

Hey Everyone!

So I guess there was a glitch last week, and none of my emails got sent out, or at least most of them. So I resent all of them and I hope that it works this week.

Well this past week went really well. The best part was probably our service project with the Relief Society. We had the opportuninty to make 50 blankets for people that live at the Armada Spasy (Salvation Army). There's a location between Frydek-Mistek and Ostrava, and at this location live homeless people without any family, and they are all over the age of 50. So we started making 50 blankets for them. IT WAS AWESOME!! We had it on Friday and a lot of people came and helped. We had people everywhere cutting and measuring and tying and it went so well and I think everyone had a lot of fun! We were able to do 12 blankets in an hour, and a bunch of sisters asked if they could take some home to do there and then bring back. We still have a lot to do because we are going to do 50 total, but everyone loves it. They also had never seen these kind of blankets before (we just did fleece blankets with two different colors that you tie together) and everyone was saying that they wanted to make one for themselves! It was a blast and I'm excited to keep working on it and to finish it up. :)

We worked with a lot of members this week, we're teaching some of them about the temple and that's really fun. They all live really far apart, so Ses. Hale and I have been covering a lot of ground :).

We also had our culture night and we took a tour of the Marlenka (best cake on earth!) factory with Zuzka Kolkova and Bratr Kolek. That was super fun, they are great people. We got so see exactly how they make the cakes and we also got to taste test all the different kinds! Probably the best culture night I've ever had!

 It was also mine and Elder Lanham's year mark on the mission, and Ses. Hale's year mark in the country, so that was really fun to celebrate together, with a Marlenka cake of course. To celebrate we went to the Bolt Cafe, which is a cafe at the top of one of the towers at Vitkovice, the big factory that we went to on P day a couple weeks ago. So we went up there and walked around the outside, and on the inside we got tea and treats in the cafe. :)

I almost forgot! For Pday last week, Ses. Hale and I went to this little town called Hukvaldy, and we hiked up to the castle there! It was kind of rainy, and everything is closed on Mondays, so we were probably the only ones on the whole mountain! It was so cool, we hiked up to the castle, and then because it was closed, we hiked all the way around it. It was super fun and muddy and rainy, and I only fell down in the mud twice. ;) Then we barely missed our bus back to Frydek-Mistek, so we had to go straight to Ostrava for FHE and we were all dirty and muddy and gross. Memories right?

This week was really great, and I have definitely seen God's hand this week. We had so much to do and so many places to go, but somehow it all worked out and we were able to visit everyone that we needed to, and our huge service project turned out great. We wouldn't have been able to do anything if God hadn't been on our side. The church is true!

Have a wonderful week everyone! Love you!

s laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer

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