Thursday, February 18, 2016

eMail Mix Up

 Hello Everyone,

So, on Monday, Mercedes sent out an email as usual, however we (her family) did not received it.  I emailed the Mission Office, and they called to check on the girls and make sure they were okay.  Turns out, several missionaries emails did not make it to their families that day, but everything is fine.  I'll post her February 15th letter as soon as it comes, until then, we received this note from one of the members today.

Take care,
MaryLynn Schaerrer

Hi Hale and Schaerrer family!!!
We went to Marlenka factory for a tour today!! It was a lot of fun!!! We tasted some of their products, e.g. Marlenka which is a speciál Armenian Honey cake.
I love seeing the sisters in our branch... I just returned from Canada Calgary Mission two weeks ago.
Have a great day!!
Love, Zuzi Kolková

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