Monday, February 22, 2016

Den Svatého Valentýna ❤ (resent due to email glitch)

Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!

I hope you had a great Valentine's Day/Single Awareness Day yesterday. :) Not a lot of people celebrate Valentine's Day here, so Ses. Hale and I just celebrate ourselves.

This past week was really great. On Monday we met with a brand new investigator named Filip. We found him while calling potential investigators that we had in our phone. (We found out that we have over 300 of them, so we've started calling all of them!). Filip is really cool, he's about 25 and studying Finance in Ostrava. We taught him about the Book of Mormon and prayer, and he's already read the first chapter of first Nephi.

Tuesday we taught English, and you might remember that I've been teaching a German class too. It's pretty interesting, I'm pretty sure that any random Czech on the street knows more German that I can remember from high school, but I'm doing my best and the class appreciates the effort. German is going to end after the end of this transfer though, whether I leave or not. 

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but right now we're teaching Catholic Priest's wife English. (The elders are teaching the Catholic Priest). It's really interesting, they are great people, and everytime they tell us about what they believe and how they live, they let us share a little about what we believe. So it's really cool to talk to them. They are really awesome.

This week we visited a lot of members, they are all so awesome, I would do anything for them. We also had the opportunity yesterday to go to a city called Karvina to find a less active. The elders were going there anyway to visit an investigator they have there, so we went with them there. 
So we get to Karvina and all we had was her address, luckily the elders gave us their map because they didn't need it. Turns out that the less active lives on this really really really long street, so we started walking, hoping that it wasn't too far away. Well, an hour later, and we still haven't found it. We're still walking on the same street and none of the house numbers are in order, but we've seen every number except her's, so we decide to keep going. Finally we find her house AND she's home, but she was leaving so we set up to come back. Then we ask, "Hey, how close are we to Poland?" And she said, "It's right there just down the street" We told her that earlier we had been joking about how the trees we could see were probably in Poland, and she just looked at us and said, "They are." So after we left we walked probably less than 50 meters to the boarder of Poland and took some pictures. 
Miracles were all around that trip, the fact that we even found her house, that she was home, that we walked all the way to Poland (btw, here house wasn't even on the map anymore, we walked right off the edge of it to find her house), it was definitely a miracle trip! 

The gospel is true, and God cares about all His children, even if his missionaries try to walk all the way to Poland. 

I love you all and hope that you have a great week!

s laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer

Valentine's day apples, us with the elders on the way to Karvina, and me at the Polish boarder. ;)

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