Monday, February 29, 2016

So I Got Transfered to...

Surprise Everyone!! 

And surprise #2 I've been here since yesterday! President asked me to leave right after church and to get here as soon as possible. So right now I'm in Bratislava, Slovakia. I'll be here for one transfer, and on top of that I'll be training!!! Crazy right?
This week 4 out of the 6 slovak sisters are going home, so I have been sent to Slovakia to train one of the new slovak sisters, and another slovak sister will be trained in Brno, buy Ses. Bailey, and half way through the transfer we'll switch greenies. It's going to be so great but so crazy!

So I'm here, in a different country, with a diferent language, in a completely new area and I'll be picking up my greenie on Wednesday and we'll just be here lost and confused together. Last night the Bratislava sisters gave me a crash course of who everyone they work with is and who everyone in the branch is and today they've been trying to show me around so I at least have an idea of where things are. Then I leave tomorrow to Prague for trainer training and I'll come back with my greenie Wednesday night. AAAAAHHHHH you could say I'm freaking out. :) 


So after church yesterday, Ses. Hale and I go to the train station and buy tickets from Ostrava to Brno, because I didn't have enough cash to buy one from Brno to Bratislava, and I thought I would have time to buy one between trains in Brno. So we got on the train in Ostrava, and the elders helped and everything and we're successfully on the way to Brno. Then we get to Brno, and I have 20 minutes to find the next platform and to move all my bags and things, and of course, I forget to buy my ticket. 

Then I'm on the train, standing in one of the end hall way things with all of my stuff, next to the dining car, because there isn't any place for me to sit down with all of my stuff. Then I realize that I don't have a ticket. I started freaking out, because I knew I didn't have any cash, and that I was riding black. So of course I started praying. Then the ticket lady comes and I asked her if I could buy a ticket with my card and she said no. She asked if I at least had enough cash to buy a ticket from Brno to Breclav, then I would have to get off in Breclav, get cash, buy a ticket, and wait two hours for the next train to come through. So I find enough coins for the ticket to Breclav, and start mentally and physically preparing myself to get off the train and wait two hours for the next one. While I'm thinking about all this, a 30 year old guy comes and asks me if I would like to sit down with him in the dining car, where I can also still see all of my luggage in the hallway through the glass door. So I sit down with him and start talking. His name is Petr and he's from Slovakia (he spoke English with me) and it turns out that I'm the first real live mormon he's ever met. He asks me where I'm going and what I'm doing and I ended up teaching him the whole Restoration in the process. Throughout the conversation he finds out that I don't have a ticket all the way to Bratislava and that I'll have to get off in Breclav, and he tells me that he'll buy my ticket. I told him that he really didn't have to and that I would figure it out, but he insists and buys me sparkling water to boot. He was so nice and it was definitely a miracle. He even helped me with my bags off the train. He only have 5 minutes between trains to go wherever he was going, but he still helped me with all my bags, and gave me his card. Soon after that I ran into the Bratislava sisters and they took me and all my stuff home. 

So, moral of the story, God answers prayers and protects his missionaries. 

It's been a crazy couple of days, and it's still going to be really crazy for a few more as I get my greenie, and we try to find our way around. I'll definitely let you know how it goes, this is going to be an adventure for everyone!! 

The gospel is definitely true. God exists and loves and cares about us, even when we're dumb and forget to buy tickets. This transfer is going to be a hard one, but I know this is where I'm supposed to be and what I'm supposed to be doing. I'm extremely lucky to be serving here in Slovakia, it's really rare for Czech sisters to get to serve in Slovkia and I've also already been here once before. But now I'll get to live, serve, and learn here in Slovakia for the next two months, and even though I'm super scared, I'm also sooooo excited! With God anything is possible!

Have a great week everyone!! 

s laskou,

Sestra Schaerrer

 Our last dinner with the Kolkovi, and a street and the castle in Bratislava!


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